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Money Saving Tips

Holiday Meal Money Saving Tips

Great holiday meals don’t have to break the bank, here are a few of our tips for saving money while making fantastic family meals memorable. Cris here from and Holiday Meal Money Saving…

crock pot freezer packs

Crock Pot Freezer Packets Save Time and Money!

Cris here from GOODEness Gracious and Recipes That Crock! Fall is upon us and with it comes busy, BUSY schedules if your house is anything like mine! And, with those busy schedules comes the need…


Touring a Grocery Store with a Dietitian

The other day I had the incredible opportunity to tour one of my local grocery stores with some of my bloggy buds, a local dietitian and some local farmer friends of mine thanks to Indiana’s…

Money Saving Tips

Money-Saving, Time-Saving Food Tips

If you had asked me a few weeks ago if grocery prices were on the rise, I would have most definitely told you, YES!  But it turns out I am wrong?! According to a recent…

freezer cooking recipes

10 Freezer Meal Recipes #FarmGirlsFreeze

If you follow any of the Real Farmwives you may have heard about our #FarmGirlsFreeze weekend where 10 of us cooked up over 100 meals together to pack our freezers full for the month. Our…

Back To School Breakfast Recipes

Summer… Oh, Summer. Where have you gone? Why did you have to up and leave me? Is it me or did we just let out of school? How are we going back already!? With new…

Strawberry Marshmallow Pie

Classic Summertime Recipes

I don’t know about you, but my taste buds love me some summertime foods! From fresh sweet corn to a ripe Indiana tomato perfectly salted to the crack of a fresh water-tight watermelon, I love…


7 Chocolate Recipes

Dear Reader- You can’t get a group of ladies together and not find chocolate… and when those ladies happen to be farmwives and friends, you tend to find some pretty killer chocolate recipes, just sayin’…

On the Lighter Side copy

Recipe Recap: On the Lighter Side

Dear Reader- I have been on a mission over the last year (and more specifically the last 5 months) to lose the weight for GOODe ever since a certain embarrassing encounter with a cupcake Back…

Photo apps

3 Photo Apps to Use with Instagram

Dear Reader- Confession time. I used to be a phone camera snob… meaning I hated taking pics with my phone because I always felt like those precious images were wasted on a poor quality camera….