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Farmer Friday: Featuring Katie Olthoff

My husband is a 3rd generation turkey farmer, but our farm officially began 6 years ago, as a result of increased demand for turkey because of Subway’s $5 Footlongs!  It was kind of a unique…


Recipe Recap: If You Love Pizza…

If you love pizza …. then this post is for you! I am a pizza lover/addict. Breakfast, lunch, dinner … I am totally game! My waistline, however, tells me otherwise … “Hey, how about some vegetables?”…

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Farmer Friday: Introducing Amanda Eben

Our farmer that we are featuring today is a friend of mine from Iowa. Amanda is a wonderful advocate for agriculture and I get to work with her on a number of projects with CommonGround….

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Save $180 a year on pizza

How often do you order a pizza?  Weekly.  Monthly.  Yearly.  Last year I can tell you that my family ate pizza 21 times.  I know this because I canned my own pizza sauce and put…


Farmer Friday: Meet Sara Ross

Sara Ross is a really good friend of mine from Iowa. She is a mom of two boys, and has twins on the way! Here she is telling you all about herself and her family’s…

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Wordless Wednesday: Road Farming

Here in Northwest Indiana, it’s a wee bit wet out in the fields thanks to frequent and steady rains.  Somehow, thankfully, many of us have managed to get most of our corn in the ground….


Cooking for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is almost here and that is the unofficial beginning of Summer.  I know I always look forward to Memorial Day.  Not only is it race weekend in Indiana, it also puts me in…

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Google’s Picassa

So, I am the first to admit to being a bit on the cheap side. I always try and find a free way of doing things, or really cheap way of doing things. When it…


The Face Behind Your Food

It’s been awhile since I have had the chance to talk about my family. Around the first of the year I start getting all sorts of phone calls to talk about how I met my…

Who is Ready for Spring? March 25

Who is Ready for Spring?

I AM, I AM, I AM! One warm day in spring brings about ants in my pants, the desire to open every window in my house and wanting to take my nap on my front…