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newborn Angus calf

Beef cows having babies

Springtime means that it’s baby time on our farm. We raise beef cattle, and we want all our calves to be born in the spring (spring calving). We hope that by the time the moms…


Back to my Roots

Meet Kristi from the blog Morrow Farm Fresh.   Kristi was raised on her families dairy farm in Pennsylvania, the same farm my mom was raised on. Yes, Kristi is my cousin! The farm has been…

Olthoff family 2 FB photo

There’s turkeys on the banks of Squaw Creek!

He raises over 100,000 turkeys annually with help from her. She raises two little boys with help from him. Together, they run a family farm in the heart of central Iowa. Bart and Katie Olthoff…


Meet Peggy Greenway, a South Dakota Pork Farmer

Today I am proud to be blogging about a wonderful woman who is a part of the Ag industry here in South Dakota. She is a wonderful representation of SD Pork and I am so…

Jude Capper, Montana

Following her passion

The first person I thought of when considering someone for our Farmer Friday feature was a woman that I have grown to admire and respect immensely. I cannot imagine leaving your home and deciding to…

A walk through a California vineyard

I have the great opportunity to live all sorts of agriculture.  At home, The Farmer and I raise hogs, corn, soybeans and wheat. But when I go to my off-farm job, I get to promote…


A True American Legend

They show up on quarters and flags; they are eaten as burgers or jerky; they can be a sports team logo or even the name of a city – a True American Legend – the…

Barbecue Bacon Meatloaf

We are down to a few roasts and a whole lotta ground beef in our freezer.  Our current herd of Pasture Raised beef will not be ready for harvest until June so between now and…


Raising Cane

As sweet as they come… That is exactly how I would describe my good friend, Megan Gravois from Louisiana and it is only icing on the cake that she comes from a sugar cane farm….


Pulled Pinot Beef Burritos

On our farm in Northern California, along with the dairy cows, we also raise beef cattle.  Most of the year we have a freezer full of beef and it’s fun to come up with different…