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What is That Thing Behind That Tractor?

Unfortunately hay season is long gone.  Harvest is pretty much finished also and we are busily preparing for winter, but I still wanted to talk hay equipment in this segment that we call What is…


Farmer Friday: Meet Sara Ross

Sara Ross is a really good friend of mine from Iowa. She is a mom of two boys, and has twins on the way! Here she is telling you all about herself and her family’s…

Just as pretty as a blooming flower

Wordless Wednesday: Road Farming

Here in Northwest Indiana, it’s a wee bit wet out in the fields thanks to frequent and steady rains.  Somehow, thankfully, many of us have managed to get most of our corn in the ground….


What Is It? …Week 2

Today, in light of the Spring season, it only feels right to show you a piece of equipment that is used in the Spring. As farmers, we use this piece of equipment every Spring to…


Harvest On Our Farm

Is coming up soon! Harvest on every farm can look different from the next. Farmers all grow different things and different seed types, which means those plants cam come at all different times during the…


Wordless Wednesday: Farm Kids

    There is just something about a farm kid that makes my heart happy.        


5 Tips for Sharing the Road with Farm Equipment

Planting season is finally here, and farmers across the country are headed to the fields. Most farmers have fields in several different places, meaning that they and their equipment have to hit the road.            …


We are Family

Now I realize a Sister Sledge song may not be the first thing you think of when you think of farming, but when it comes down to it most of us involved in farming and…

Spring Is Officially Here

At least according to the calendar although I think we can all agree Mother Nature obviously has not looked at hers – so we will do the next best thing- a Wordless Wednesday planting pictures…


Farmer Fridays: Tiling A Field

  New things, new learning experience, new ideas. A few years ago a tile plow was purchased around here and our Harvest that typically ends at the end of October now kind of extends into…