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How now Brown (Swiss) cow?

Wordless Wednesday (kind of): Happy National Dairy Month!

Yep!  June is National Dairy Month, and here on the Wallpe farm, we LOVE our dairy.  I’m not just saying that because we farm; this was a dairy farm for 40 years.  Steve, his dad,…


Farmer Fridays : Keriel Dairy Farm

One of the things I love most about social media is all the different people that I get to “meet.”  While I haven’t actually met a lot of them in person, I feel like I…


Back to my Roots

Meet Kristi from the blog Morrow Farm Fresh.   Kristi was raised on her families dairy farm in Pennsylvania, the same farm my mom was raised on. Yes, Kristi is my cousin! The farm has been…


The Singing Dairyman

There is no one quite like the Singing Dairyman, Will Gilmer. You see Will is not only a third generation dairy farmer from Alabama, but he also has his own YouTube channel where he uses…