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A Few of My Favorite Handmade Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite crafts to make with the girls each Christmas is ornaments.  We’ve started a tradition that’s been going on for about the past 7 years.  Every year we make a new ornament….

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Classy Milk Glass

June is National Dairy Month and we are kicking it off with a fun and easy way to spruce up an old milk glass.  Vintage milk jars, bottles and glasses are pretty common at antique stores…

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Peek Through Baby Wipes Container Bird Feeder

Every mom has a plastic baby wipe container.  Or 2 or 3 or…you try to buy the refill packs of wipes but you still end up getting them from time to time when you have…

April 6 Crayons Abstract

Crock Pot Crayons

Tired of coloring with small broken pieces of crayon? I have just the trick to use them to their fullest, and you can use this as an activity your child can help with! I have…

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Springtime Centerpiece

I’m all about bringing the outside in when it comes to decorating in springtime.  After long and cold winters I’m ready for new life and what better way to celebrate Easter or spring in general…


Holiday Traditions: Advent Calendars

I don’t know about you, but I love the holidays. I love them so much that sometimes I set up my Christmas trees (and yes, I did say trees) before Thanksgiving. Yep, I am that…

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Preserve Your Carved Pumpkin

My friend Liz, a fellow Real Farmwife, recently told me that she read  if you soak a carved pumpkin in bleach it is supposed to last longer.  I thought this was something that would certainly…


Decorations That Are Kid Proof

The last few weekends we have been pretty busy at our house. We have been pretty focused on our basement to be exact. I painted it a few winters ago, but that was as far…


Finding The System That Works

Let’s get real. Life is busy. Way busy. You add a kid or two into the mix and the life you thought was busy suddenly becomes even busier. And you didn’t even know that was…

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How to make a $5 Spring Wreath

I am one that changes the wreath on my front door with the seasons, holidays, latest party theme… you get the idea… I like to mix it up. So I thought one way to brighten…