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What Do You Do With All That Bling?!

Before I had our daughter one thing I was really into was jewelry. I love accessorizing. Whether it’s with a cute matching necklace or with a purse with just the right accent color. And it…


“Ready to Pop”corn themed shower

I’m sure we have all been to a “Ready to Pop” themed baby shower where the expecting mom shows off her growing belly while hanging on to balloons and a lollipop. ¬†Maybe you’ve seen candy…


Ten Totally Awesome DIY Blogs

My hubby and I recently made the BIG decision to move into and switch houses with his parents who live right around the corner on our farm. But before we make the BIG move, we…


5 birthday party planning details not to overlook

It can be challenging each year to come up with unique birthday party themes, decorations and cakes and like you my fellow farm wives are always finding ways to incorporate fun ideas that won’t break…


Finding A Home For All Those Piles

If you haven’t seen this picture floating around on Pinterest…Well, you are seriously missing out on the best thing EVER! Maybe a slight exaggeration…but this concept is pretty much wonderful. The idea is that instead…

The original seat to the chair. Definitely needing some improvements!

New look for old chairs, DIY

Sometimes I start looking around my home, just itching to get started on another project. And now that spring is officially here (according to the calendar), I know many of us are just dying to…