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Out to dinner with dessert

Keeping the Kids Busy This Summer

Now that our kids are getting a bit older, we are finally at the point where we can leave them at home while we’re at work during the summer. We started leaving them at home…

planted herb garden

Herb garden

Every year we plant a large garden. Farmer Doc (my husband) is usually in charge of the planning and planting. By the time I get to thinking that I would like to have a section…


Growing Soybeans…in the Garden

As my dad and brother-in-law wrapped up planting of soybeans and corn on the farm, it was time to think about finishing up the garden a few weeks ago. We grow soybeans on the farm….


5 birthday party planning details not to overlook

It can be challenging each year to come up with unique birthday party themes, decorations and cakes and like you my fellow farm wives are always finding ways to incorporate fun ideas that won’t break…


6 Tips for Gardening with Kids

It’s getting to be that time of year when one starts to plant their garden.  Perhaps you got an early start and planted a spring garden with potatoes and leafy greens, or perhaps you are…


Finding A Home For All Those Piles

If you haven’t seen this picture floating around on Pinterest…Well, you are seriously missing out on the best thing EVER! Maybe a slight exaggeration…but this concept is pretty much wonderful. The idea is that instead…

The original seat to the chair. Definitely needing some improvements!

New look for old chairs, DIY

Sometimes I start looking around my home, just itching to get started on another project. And now that spring is officially here (according to the calendar), I know many of us are just dying to…


5 unique projects using your sewing machine

Most people use their sewing machines for fabric projects.  They whip up cute aprons, skirts, dresses and more and make it all look so seamless (no pun intended).  Then there’s me….. the Latte’ drinking, baker,…


Five Tips to a Cleaner Home and Happier You

It doesn’t take long for our little farmhouse to get messy, cluttered and dirty. When you live on a farm, the smells and “sights” of the farm sneak into the house on a daily basis….

Ways to Savor the Summer

It’s that time of year again when school is starting, football games are occurring and like most people you are trying to savor every last bit of summer you can.  It won’t be long till the…