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Lesson Learned from My Farmer Dad

As Father’s Day quickly approaches, I got to thinking about lessons that my dad has taught me. Not from heart-to-heart talks. Not from lectures. Not from words. But by example. Here’s the most important lesson…


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

Twas the day before Valentine’s Day… Roses are Red, Violets are Blue… There once was a man from Nantucket… Never mind! I wanted to start this post with a fun little poem about procrastinating on…


Helping Kids (and You) Save Money

Teaching kids (and reminding yourself) the importance of saving money is hard. One simple way you can get started is by collecting your spare change. Yes, folks, I am talking about an old-fashioned piggy bank!…

granny's sugar cookies 2

Easy Sugar Cookies

I grew up in a house where we started baking Christmas cookies on December 1 and did not stop until Christmas Eve. We baked at least a dozen – probably more like 20 – different…

freezer cooking recipes

10 Freezer Meal Recipes #FarmGirlsFreeze

If you follow any of the Real Farmwives you may have heard about our #FarmGirlsFreeze weekend where 10 of us cooked up over 100 meals together to pack our freezers full for the month. Our…


Go On Get Close…Capturing Flowers

    I love taking photos. Photos of my nieces and nephews. Photos of my dad working in the field. Photos of funny stuff I see in everyday life. But perhaps my favorite things to…


Growing Soybeans…in the Garden

As my dad and brother-in-law wrapped up planting of soybeans and corn on the farm, it was time to think about finishing up the garden a few weeks ago. We grow soybeans on the farm….

Meals on the Go

Recipe Recap: Meals on the Go

  May is a busy, busy month. Schools are getting out. Spring sports are starting. And for many of the Real Farmwives and Friends, planting season is in full swing. Whether it’s spending the day…

Some of my favorite Rachel Gibson novels!

Books that Make You Laugh

Books have always been a huge part of my life. My mom was an English teacher and she instilled a love of books in my sisters and me from a very early age. In fact,…

Buckeye Brownies

Post By: Megan of Gal in the Middle Christmas baking is my favorite type of baking. My mom – with the help of my sisters and me – bakes a dozen different types of cookies…