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Recipe Recap: Crock Pot with the Garden

Today I rounded up some of my favorite recipes that involve the crock pot. I love my crockpot and I am pretty sure everyone should own at least one. Or two. At least two. One…


Wordless Wednesday: Earth Day

Celebrating our beautiful world today with some of my favorite pictures.


Farming Fridays: What Is It?

This is something that we use on the farm during the spring and summer seasons. You also might use something similar in your yard when you are trying to get things dried out or “raked”…

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Google’s Picassa

So, I am the first to admit to being a bit on the cheap side. I always try and find a free way of doing things, or really cheap way of doing things. When it…


The Face Behind Your Food

It’s been awhile since I have had the chance to talk about my family. Around the first of the year I start getting all sorts of phone calls to talk about how I met my…


Farming at Christmas

It’s that time of year. Everywhere you go the last few weeks you have heard Christmas music and you have seen festive decorations. Now, the time has finally come, Christmas is over. Time to clean…


Wordless Wednesday: A Picture Perfect Pregnancy Announcement

One thing that seems to be the hit these days is finding creative ways to introduce a pregnancy. And, it’s also one of those things that I really love seeing and participating in! So, I…


Holiday Traditions: Advent Calendars

I don’t know about you, but I love the holidays. I love them so much that sometimes I set up my Christmas trees (and yes, I did say trees) before Thanksgiving. Yep, I am that…


Farm Size

One question I get asked a lot is if we are “big farmers.” That is such a tough question to answer these days. Define what big is? If we farm two 180 acre fields, then…


Beans, Beans, Beans

Things are trucking right along on our place, although the last few days we have taken some time off for maintenance and for rain. But, the maintenance had to be done too! We finished up…