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A Little Fall Fun

It’s safe to say Fall is one of my favorite times of year. It’s our busiest time on the farm, but it’s also the perfect time of year to see everything come full circle. I start pulling…


Mowing Ditch Hay

The idea of mowing ditch hay was a very new concept to me once I moved out to South Dakota. I had never, ever seen it done in my home state of Indiana. Granted, I…


Harvest On Our Farm

Is coming up soon! Harvest on every farm can look different from the next. Farmers all grow different things and different seed types, which means those plants cam come at all different times during the…


To The Mommas Like Me

     Here lately I feel like Facebook has been blowing up with articles about not being the perfect parents. Or, more specifically, not having a perfectly organized and clean home. How parents are choosing…


Sensory Bins

Sometimes I just need to get stuff done. Dishes. Laundry. Blogs. And sometimes it feels impossible with our super, super busy toddler. She is crazy busy. And a crazy Momma’s Girl. When she started getting…


Wordless Wednesday: Farm Kids

    There is just something about a farm kid that makes my heart happy.        


There Is A Season

I don’t know about you but every now and then I find myself overwhelmed. With life, with my house, with my laundry, with my dishes, my never ending list of errands, and wrangling my small…


Why We Don’t Get Summers Off

Depending on what type of farmer you are, you may get a bit more time off than others. If you don’t have any livestock, for example, you probably don’t need to worry about feeding them…

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When You Only Have Five Minutes

Being a mom myself, I think it’s safe to say that we sometimes feel like we are constantly running after our kids, especially if they are toddlers. “Me Time” is rare at our house, and when I finally do…


Decorations That Are Kid Proof

The last few weekends we have been pretty busy at our house. We have been pretty focused on our basement to be exact. I painted it a few winters ago, but that was as far…