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A Few of My Favorite Handmade Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite crafts to make with the girls each Christmas is ornaments.  We’ve started a tradition that’s been going on for about the past 7 years.  Every year we make a new ornament….

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What is That Thing Behind That Tractor?

Unfortunately hay season is long gone.  Harvest is pretty much finished also and we are busily preparing for winter, but I still wanted to talk hay equipment in this segment that we call What is…

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Wordless Wednesday…Harvest Time

Harvest is in full swing in the Midwest and since it has been exceptionally dry, it is actually wrapping up for a lot of farmers.  Enjoy these photos that I snapped during bean harvest.  …

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Wordless Wednesday…Butterfly Garden

  The weather here in Indiana has been quite gloomy for the last month.  I’m starting to get a bit discouraged.  I hate to complain when there are farmers who desperately need rain, but we…


Wordless Wednesday: Sometimes You Just Need To Have a Talk…With a Dairy Heifer

              June is National Dairy Month.  While we live on a beef farm, we do have 4 Holstein heifers on our farm.  The oldest girls, B and Mel, show…

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Recipe Roundup: Summer Drinks

Cool off this summer with this roundup of some tasty drink recipes from some of your favorite Farmwives. Either virgin or alcoholic, this Pina Colada Slush from Ott, A is so refreshing! Your backyard cookout is…


Delicious Desserts

Lou from Much Ado About Lou here. I have quite the sweet tooth…I love a good dessert! So I thought I’d take a look around and gather up some of my personal favorite dessert recipes and…


Spread the Magic of Christmas

It’s the most magical time of the year, especially if you have kids.  One of our favorite things to do on Christmas Eve is to track Santa’s sleigh using NORAD.   To see the excitement…

Christmas confettibrownies

Christmas Confetti Layered Brownies

Christmas is just around the corner and, if you are like me, I’m sure you are busy baking every concoction you can think of.  Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year (well,…

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Hot Caramel Apple Cider

Fall is definitely here and there is a chill in the air.  I’m not a cold weather person.  I prefer warm temps, but we live in the Midwest, so cool temperatures are something we have…