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All you need are 4 pork loins sliced 3/4 inch thick, a tub of garlic/herb cream cheese and 8 slices of bacon!

Quick Easy Stuffed Pork Loin Breasts from Gooseberry Patch’s Fast Fix Meals!

Just because we live on a beef farm doesn’t mean we don’t help out the other meat producers when we can, and we love our chicken, turkey and pork around here!  This recipe can be…


Picture Preservation Wednesday

Hello all! By now hopefully all the kiddos, if you have them, are hunkered down into the lovely routine of school.  I don’t know about you, but after adding all of Tink’s soccer practices and…


Weekend for the Souls: The Outlander Series: A perfect Summer Read….almost

  Dagflabit!  I didn’t look.  I didn’t check.  I just assumed all of the books written in The Outlander Series were done~!  I strongly dislike reading series that are not finished because I am too…

How now Brown (Swiss) cow?

Wordless Wednesday (kind of): Happy National Dairy Month!

Yep!  June is National Dairy Month, and here on the Wallpe farm, we LOVE our dairy.  I’m not just saying that because we farm; this was a dairy farm for 40 years.  Steve, his dad,…

Just as pretty as a blooming flower

Wordless Wednesday: Road Farming

Here in Northwest Indiana, it’s a wee bit wet out in the fields thanks to frequent and steady rains.  Somehow, thankfully, many of us have managed to get most of our corn in the ground….


Faces Behind Your Food: Beefing Up with Indiana Beef!

April 9th Indiana bloggers gathered together to learn more about beef, a subject near and dear to my heart.  Indiana’s Family of Farmers hosted the event, and several of our own Real Farmwives of America were…


Cool Pictures in a “Snap!”

You are just going to love this post!  I promise. A few months ago, a couple of my Facebook friends were posting the coolest pictures.  They actually looked like paintings, and the detail and shading…

Peanut Butter Cookie

Cookie Time

  Ok, Seriously, when isn’t it time a great time for cookies?  Late summer seems to be a pretty good time around here for us to sacrifice some cool air to heat up the oven…


What to Do with Your Monkeys

“School’s out!  School’s out!  Teacher let the monkeys out!” Ah, the last day of school used to be a red letter day for me……back when I was a high school teacher.  I would usually gather…

view of room

The Big Reveal!

  This is so exciting!  For the last week or so, I have been building up to this post on my blog page by taking everyone through our process of adding an addition to our…